Mediations, Hearings, and Trials Online via the Zoom platform.

This website was created to provide information about my commitment to settling disputes without trial through modern, innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques. After almost fifteen years on the bench as a Superior Court Commissioner (sitting as an All Purpose Judge), it became increasingly clear that Mediation, as one type of ADR, should be attempted in all disputes. Participants leave a mediation session having had an opportunity to be heard and having participated in the terms of settlement of their dispute.  As a result, the settlement is more satisfactory and longer lasting than any result at trial. 

As more fully described in later pages, my goal is to resolve your case in one session, if possible.  When you schedule your Mediation, I'll set aside the entire day so we can work until your dispute is resolved.

Sessions now online via the Zoom platform utilizing Breakout Rooms. 

Cases accepted throughout California.

Assisting in represented cases only.

   Resolving disputes quickly and fairly is my goal.  Mediation of family issues, civil cases, probate challenges, employment, property and Injury claims is my strength.  Concluding claims at the earliest opportunity is my objective.