What to Bring to Mediation

1.   For every credit card debt, the statement closest to the date of marriage and date of separation

2.   For every mortgage, the statement closest in time to the date of  marriage and date of separation.

3.   For every loan, the statement closest in time to the date of separation.

4.   Real estate documents (deeds, escrow instructions, major improvement proof)

5.   If there are any retirement accounts, IRAs, Roth IRAs, etc., the statement closest in time to the date of marriage and date of separation.

6.   Last two years federal income tax returns.

7.   Last two paycheck stubs.

8.   If either party is self-employed, any 1099s for the last two years, last P&L and last two months income and expense reports.  Plus, last two years tax returns.

9.   Value of any vehicle ( or purchased before the date of separation.

10. Evidence of  present value of any personal property purchased during the marriage that both of you want to keep.

11. If you have been paying any bills, including the maintenance or repair, for any community property since separation, evidence of those payments.

12. Title and Registration for vehicles, boats, trailers

13. Bank Statements, cancelled checks, check registers which include relevant items in dispute

14. Life insurance policies

15. Investment records (statements)

16. Retirement and Pension records (last statement)

17. Promissory Notes, IOU, or any other evidence of debts owed to you or that you owe someone else

18. Partnership documents

19. List of any items of special value to you that may be considered community.

20. List all items/accounts you think are your separate property

 21. If you have already completed an Income and Expense Declaration (Judicial Council Form FL150), bring it.

22.  If you are coming Post-Judgment, bring the Judgment and any MSA.

23.  A completed Schedule of Assets and Debts (Form FL-142)